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Thank You

Thank you for your presale membership to the Conor Byrne Co-op. We look forward to continue building a space of music and community together.  Look out for a member welcome letter with additional details and our door reopening announcement soon as May!

Membership Co-op

By re-starting the business as a member-owned cooperative, Conor Byrne is able to create new revenue streams via membership and investment. This will engage the greater community in an energizing campaign to save this historic Ballard cultural institution via a democratic model of governance and community ownership. We have a skilled team of professionals in cooperative, campaign management, as well as bar management experience to support this.

Bar Improvements

Through business and operational changes, sales modeling improvements, and an enhanced marketing strategy we plan to reduce monthly bar losses by 50% over the first six months of operation, and reduce monthly losses by 100% over a twelve month period. Member dues alone can bring in more than $60,000 in the first year of operation.

Save Our Stage

By establishing the performing stage as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit, we can access grants and tax-exempt donations to support the music, while the bar operates as a cooperative business. This approach enhances financial sustainability by generating additional capital, reducing the bar’s responsibility for subsidizing costs associated with music, and creating more capacity to lift up Seattle’s vibrant arts community.

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